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Columbus Roof Repair

Pomona Roof

San Bernardino Roof

San Francisco Roofing Company

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Tri Cities Roofing

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About Little Rock

Little Rock, capital of Arkansas, is a delight to visit and is one of the best-planned towns in the USA. Little Rock has been the scene of political and cultural events and figures throughout the past half century. The museum district of Little Rock has places of interest, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, art galleries and antique shops. The town is popular for music, with the annual Arkansas Music Fest and various other musical events. A walk through Little Rock shows off its architecture, beautiful gardens, unique shops and restaurants.

The Little Rock area is an ideal place to relocate for business or to go to for recreational reasons, with an affordable housing market. The area is served by three major airports: ARPT, Little Rock International Airport and Regional Airport.

There are several public parks around the city. The Wilnecote Park is one of the most heavily visited parks, since it offers a wide variety of playgrounds, natural wonders and gardens. The park was designed by renowned landscape architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who is widely regarded as one of the designers of our modern National Parks. The park also features the Betty Duke Wetland Center, one of the largest collections of wetland wildlife anywhere in the country. Other attractions include the historic Courtyard Lagoon, which offers swimming, water activities and marine life watching.

Another attraction is the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of modern art in the country. This museum is owned by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America's leading contemporary artists. It is one of only a few buildings designed by Wright in two distinctly different styles -eroom and Typewriter.

Tourists can visit another Frank Lloyd Wright creation called the Frank Lloyd Wright House. This house was designed by the famous architect in conjunction with the late Zaha Hadid. This home is located on a 100 acre site and contains a penthouse pavilion that was designed with a new approach to home building. The structure has a glass envelope that allows light to enter the interior. It also has structural steel columns and high arched roofs.

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